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Eitech Deluxe Series Motorized Crane Set

$349.99 $349.20

Build your own construction crane and create a world of skyscraping heights. You get everything needed to build cranes up to 3 feet tall (90cm). Includes over 960 pieces, 3-way cable control, 3 gear motors and a ball bearing joint to ensure control and function, along with detailed instructions. Designed to promote and develop three dimensional thinking, creativity and learning while at the same time having fun! Step by step illustrated instructions are included for easy to follow directions. This educational building set is designed for kids to exercise their hands-on skills, imagination and cognitive performance by assembling this Eitech set. All pieces are made of high grade polished steel, and manufactured in Germany.

  • Builds minimum of 3 Eitech models
  • 960+ building pieces and tools included
  • Includes 3 way cable control and 3 gear motors
  • Promotes innovation, creativity, and cognitive development
  • Includes easy-to-read illustrated instructions
  • For ages 10 years and up